Nothing will motivate a man to move forward faster than knowing what's behind Him.


1. In 1888, O. B. Clare received Patent for Trestle Patent# 390,753

2. In 1888, S. E. Thomas Received Patent for Pipe Connection

3. In 1940, The White House released a statement which said that government “policy is not to intermingle colored and white enlisted personnel in the same regimental organizations.”

4. In 1962, Uganda proclaims it’s  independence.

5. In 1974, Frank Robinson became the first Black major league baseball manager.

6. In 1984, W Wilson Goode becomes the 1st African American mayor of Philadelphia

7. In 1991, Korean store owner shoots and kills teenager Latasha Harlins in the back of the head. Despite widespread protests, the store owner is only convicted of 10 years of probation. Her store was firebombed weeks later.

8. In 2009, President Barack Obama Awarded the Nobel Peace Prize.

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