Nothing will motivate a man to move forward faster than knowing what's behind Him.

1. In 1864, New Orleans Tribune founded by Dr. Louis C. Roudanez. The newspaper, published in both English and French, started as a tri-weekly but soon became an influential daily.

2. In 1887, R. Hawkins received Patent for Harness Attachment

3. In 1887, S. E. Thomas Received Patent for Waste trap for basin,closets, etc.

4. In 1892, G. E. Becket received Patent for Letter box

5. In 1949, J.B. Blayton purchased radio station WERD in Atlanta, GA.

6. In 1969,  Charles Evers elected Mayor Of Fayette, Miss.

7. In 1969,  Howard N. Lee elected Mayor of Chapel Hill, N.C.

8. In 1988, Bill and Camille Cosby make a $20 million gift to Spelman College.

9. In 1988, The Martin L. King, Jr. Federal Building is dedicated in Atlanta, Ga.

10. in 1991, The Harold Washington Library, the world’s largest public circulating library, named for the late Harold Washington, Chicago’s first Black Mayor, was dedicated.

At the time of its completion, the library was known as the nation’s largest municipal library with 750,000 square feet, a collection of 2 million books in 90 languages, a 400 seat auditorium and stood 10 stories tall with a glass-encased winter garden on the 9th floor.  The structure cost $144 million to build.

11. In 1996, Congress passes a bill authorizing the creation of 500,000 Black Revolutionary War Patriots Commemorative coins.

12. In 2016, a school bus stops to let a 7 year old Amiya Braxton off from school in Pontotoc, MS. The driver behind the bus, Karen Carpenter jumped the curb and grass, passing on the right, hitting Amiya and dragging her. Amiya died in the driveway at her own home. The driver tried to flee the scene of the murder. No arrests, no charges, no indictments have been made. Twice the case was sent to grand jury & twice they have declined to indict the driver on any charges. She didn’t stop for a stopped school bus with the school bus sign out and killed a 7 year old little girl. She, while in the commission of a crime, cause the death of someone.

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