Nothing will motivate a man to move forward faster than knowing what's behind Him.

Washington State I-1183

At a time when domestic violence, drunk driving, teenage drinking and other alcohol related crime is at an all time high, why would anyone even consider making alcohol more easily available than it is now?   If Washington State want to get out of the alcohol business, the answer is simple, just stop selling it.  Close down the liquor stores.  

I remember a year or so ago, a college student got hold of some 4 loco.  Everyone was outraged. The stores were forced to stop selling it.  Psssst, FYI,  4 loco is nothing compared to vodka, 151 rum or gin

Now…We all know what happens when there is a liquor store one every corner.  We all know where all the corners are located that the liquor stores will be on. 

This economy is a mess.  When it improves and there is a economical sense of normality, there is going be a segment of the population left behind.

I wonder what the number of the initiative is going to be that ask for property taxes to be increased to put more police on the street, create task forces and increase special victims units to combat alcoholism, domestic violence and teenage drinking.

Who are going to be the so-called resident experts that are going to be called upon by the talk shows and news organizations to explain why these problems exist? 

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