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Initiative 1183-Not a Good Idea

The proponents of I-1183 is seeing $ signs and is in a frantic move to expand the distribution of alcoholic beverages.    Initiative 1183 will allow liquors and other spirits, now only sold in state run stores, to be sold in grocery stores, mini marts, service stations and anywhere else that now is only allowed to sell beer and wine.   We know what problems that has caused.   We are now poised to allow the opportunity for alcohol to be put in the hands of juveniles.  

In 2001 there were 3,125 alcohol related collisions, in 2002 there were 3,272 and increase of 147 alcohol related collisions.  By 2003 the alcohol related collisions dropped to 3,070 a decrease of 202, in 2004 increase by 43 to 3113 alcohol related collisions.   In 2005 the total alcohol related collisions was 3228,  115 alcohol related collisions over the previous year.   Do the math, from 2001 until 2005 the Washington State Highway Patrol reported a total of 15,808 alcohol related collisions. 

Now here we are in 2010 making alcohol available from early morning 6-7am until 2:00am at any convenience store, grocery store, gas station or anywhere that presently sell beer or wine.    Well, I am cringing at the thought of making alcohol this convenient, but you had better believe if this initiative pass, I will be LMAO as the alcohol related collisions and deaths increase.  Making alcohol available in this fashion will breed more opportunities for armed robberies, hold ups and smash and grabs at gas stations and convenience stores. 

The aforementioned will no doubt stretch our Law Enforcement capabilities to it limits considering cuts it has suffered due to budget cuts.   It has to be known that teenage drinking, Alcoholism and domestic violence will increase.   Men, sons, women, daughters, infants and children fall  victim to our initiative.

Something to consider.  Now, a person injured in a car wreck, caused by a drunk driver,  has the right to sue the bar that sold the alcohol.    Will we be able now to sue the grocery store, mini mart or convenience store that sold the alcohol to the drunk driver? 

With all the shop lifting that goes on in these establishments, what kind of security is going to be put in place to insure that alcohol do not end up in the hands of juveniles?    

The advocates of this initiative is blinded by $ signs and deafened by the sound of K-ching, with no forethought.  However, there is an effort to strengthen Washington state DWI/DUI laws.   I wonder if these laws are going to contribute to the estimated 443 million dollars that is championed by the proponents of this initiative. 

With the rise in crime such as shoplifting and robbery that’s going to be facilitated by this initiative, any deposits to the states coffers will be drained by enforcement and criminal investigations.  

A little forethought and insight will eliminate any need for hindsight.  Therefore, break out the body bags, coffins, flowers and tissue. 

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