Nothing will motivate a man to move forward faster than knowing what's behind Him.

1. In 1967, President Lyndon B. Johnson named Walter E. Washington commissioner and “unofficial” mayor of Washington, D.C.

2, In 1960,  Rafer Johnson won the Olympic Decathlon the first for an African American.

3. In 1905, Atlanta Life Insurance Company established by A.F. Herndon.

4. in 1892, George “Little Chocolate’ Dixon, a black, faced off against Jack Skelly in the featherweight championship. Dixon easily defeated Skelly in the eighth round. African Americans celebrated for two days. The White’s reaction to the Dixon-Skelly match demonstrates their  racist attitude that prevailed during this time. The editor of the New Orleans Times-Democrat said that it was “a mistake to match a negro and a white man, a mistake to bring the races together on any terms of equality, even in the prize ring.’ After this fight, segregation appeared in the boxing ring..

5. In 1865, Thaddeus Stevens, powerful U.S. congressman, urged confiscation of estates of Confederate leaders and the distribution of land to adult freedmen in forty-acre lots.

6. In 1826, John Brown Russwurm became the first Black to graduate college in America when he graduated from Bowdoin College on this date.

NOTE: It is often confused with the first to graduate from Amherst College in Massachusetts.  Edward Jones a mullato passing for white graduated from Amherst College in Massachusetts. Edward Jones’s father, Jehu Jones, was a wealthy free mulatto hotel owner who associated himself with the elite white people of Charleston and “seldom kept the company of even light-complexioned free blacks and never of slaves.” Edward Jones however, claimed to be proud of his African heritage and attempted to proved it by joining and becoming a member of the (not black but)  Brown Fellowship society in Charleston.

7. In 1988, Lee Roy Young Jr., a 15 year veteran of the State Department of Public Safety, Became the First Black Texas Ranger in modern history. Wilbert Scott was the first Black Texas Ranger in 1865 and served until 1867.

8. In 2018,  Botham Shem Jean, was murderd in his apartment by an off-duty Dallas Police Department patrol officer Amber Guyger.  Who claimed by the way, that she thought she was in her own apartment and thought Jean was a burglar.



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