Nothing will motivate a man to move forward faster than knowing what's behind Him.

1. In 1869, Robert T. Freeman was the first African American dentist to receive a degree in the United States. He graduated from the Harvard University Dental School in 1869.  He and George Lewis Ruffin (Law School) share the distinction of being the first African Americans to graduate from Harvard University. Freeman was born in Washington, D.C. to former slaves from North Carolina, and as a young man was hired by a local dentist, Dr. Henry Bliss Noble. He began as a clerk and became a dental assistant. Dr. Nobel encouraged him to pursue a career in dentistry as a way to help alleviate the sufferings of other blacks.  Ref:

2. In 1956, The five Satins make their chart debut with “In The Still Of The Night“.  The group, formed in New Haven, Connecticut, consisted of leader Fred Parris, Lou Peebles, Stanley Dortch, Ed Martin and Jim Freeman in 1954. With little success, the group reorganized, with Dortch and Peebles leaving, and new member Al Denby entering. The group then recorded “In the Still of the Night”, which was originally released as the b-side to the single, “The Jones Girl”.

3. In 1975, General Daniel (Chappie) James Jr. was a fighter pilot in the U.S. Air Force,  becomes the nation’s first black four-star general and takes command of the North American Air Defense Command. The position made him a key player in the nation’s nuclear defense system.


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