Nothing will motivate a man to move forward faster than knowing what's behind Him.

1. In 1865, The provisional governor of Florida abolishes slavery by proclamation.

2. In 1897, C. V. Richey Received Patent for Railroad Switch

3. In 1897, L. P. Ray, received Patent for Dust pan

4. In 1908, A site plan for the town of Allensworth, California, is filed with the Tulare County recorder. The town is founded by African American Allen Allensworth, “in order to enable black people to live on an equity [basis] with whites and to encourage industry and thrift in the race.”

5. In 1928, William A. Scott, III, founds the “Atlanta World” newspaper. It will become a bi-weekly in 1930 and on March 13, 1932, will become the “Atlanta Daily World,” the first African American daily newspaper in modern times.

6. In 1937, The Golden Gate Quartet records “Gospel Train”

7. In 1937, Wings Over Jordan Choir founded. This group was organized by the Rev Glen T. Settles in Cleveland, Ohio and was perhaps the most beautiful sounding of all Gospel choirs.

8. In 1951, The Swallows make their chart debut “It ain’t the Meat, It is the Motion”

9. In 1956, Willie Williams of the United States sets the then 100 meter record at 10.1 seconds.

10. In 1957, Archibald J. Carey, Chicago minister and attorney, is appointed the first African American chairman of the President’s Committee on Government Employment Policy.

11. In 1960, The Republic of Niger achieves its independence from France.

12. In 1970, Two thousand delegates and observers attend the Congress of African Peoples convention in Atlanta, Georgia.

13. In 1972, The Federal Communications Commission upholds a political candidate’s right to broadcast paid commercials with racist content if such broadcast presents no danger of violence or incitement to violence.

14. In 1986, The United States Senate overrode President Ronald Reagan’s veto of legislation imposing economic sanctions against South Africa.

15. In 1989, Rickey Henderson sets American League mark of 50 stolen bases in nine seasons.

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