Nothing will motivate a man to move forward faster than knowing what's behind Him.

1. In 1884, T. S. Church received Patent for Carpet beating machine

2. In 1890, A. Pugsley Received Patent for Blind Stop

3. In 1895, First National Convention of Black Women held in Boston Mass.

4. In 1918, The National Liberty Congress of Colored Americans asked Congress to make lynching a federal crime.

5. In 1919, First convention of the National Association of Negro Musicians; held in Chicago. It awarded its first scholarship to the young Marian Anderson.

6. In 1940, American professional tennis integrated for the first time when Jimmy McDaniel met Don Budge.

7. In 1970, One person was killed in six days of rioting in Hartford, Connecticut.

8. In 1974, Lou Brock of the St. Louis Cardinals steals his 700th base.

9. In 1988, The South African government bans the anti-apartheid film “Cry Freedom”.

10. In 1991, Bernard A. Harris, Jr. A Physician, becomes a full-fledged astronaut. Harris, who will join NASA’s Johnson Space Center in 1987 as a clinical scientist and flight surgeon, is now eligible for future flight assignments.

11. In 1996, Carl Lewis wins the gold medal in the long jump, becoming only the fifth Olympian to win gold medals in four straight games.

12. In 2003, A Superior Court judge declared a deadlocked jury in a police brutality case against a white former officer and the case was dismissed. Inglewood Officer Jeremy Morse punched and slammed Donovan Jackson, a handcuffed black teenager, onto a squad car during a videotaped arrest. The jury deliberated more than three days without reaching a verdict. Later the cops sued the city, and on January 18, a few days after Martin Luther King Jr.’s birthday, a Superior Court jury gave $2.4 million to the two officers.

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