Nothing will motivate a man to move forward faster than knowing what's behind Him.

1. In 1876, T. A. Carrington received Patent for Range

2. In 1899, B. F. Cargill received Patent for Invalid cot

3. In 1916, Inventor of the gas mask, Garrett T Morgan, rescues six from gas-filled tunnel in Cleveland, Ohio

4. In 1921, Liberty Life Insurance Company, a forerunner to Supreme Life Insurance Company, at one time one of the largest African American owned insurance companies in the nation, is founded by Frank L. Gillespie

5. In 1943, First warship named for a Black person, the SS Leonard Roy Harmon.

6. In 1970, Charles Cordone won Pulitzer Prize for his play (No Place to Be Somebody).

7. In 1972, Health Officials admitted using black males in syphillis Experiment in Tuskeegee Al.

8. In 1991, Dennis Hightower is promoted to president of Disney Consumer Products-Europe/Middle East.

9. In 1992, The Buffalo Soldier Monument was dedicated by General Colin L. Powell in Fort Leavenworth, Kansas

10. In 2002, Black Enterprise publisher Earl G. Graves and Magic Johnson sign an agreement to purchase Pepsi-Cola of Washington, D.C., becoming the largest minority controlled Pepsi-Cola franchise in the country

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