Nothing will motivate a man to move forward faster than knowing what's behind Him.

1. In 1848, Frederick Douglass attends the first Women’s Rights Convention in Seneca Falls, NY. He speaks in defense of its organizer, Elizabeth Cady Stanton

2. In 1866, Tennessee becomes the first state to ratify the 14th Amendment, supposedly guaranteeing civil rights to all United States citizens.

3. In 1867, Congress passes the third Reconstruction Act over President Andrew Johnson’s veto.

4. In 1913, Forerunner of the National Dental Association for African American dentists in the U.S., the Tri-Sate Dental Association is formed.

5. In 1914, Marcus Garvey launched the largest independent organisation the world has ever seen – the Universal Negro Improvement Association, UNIA

6. In 1925, Entertainer and singer, Josephine Baker, makes her Paris debut, 1925

7. In 1940, Louis T. Wright is presented the Spingarn Medal for his “contribution to the healing of mankind and for his courageous, uncompromising position, often in the face of bitter attack.” Among Wright’s many accomplishments was being the first African American surgeon to be admitted to the staff of Harlem Hospital and chairmanship of the board of directors of the NAACP, a position he will hold for 17 years.

8. In 1941, First U.S. Army flying school for Black cadets dedicated at Tuskegee, Alabama.

9. In 1941, President Franklin D. Roosevelt appoints a Fair Employment Practices Committee which includes two African Americans, Earl B. Dickerson, a Chicago attorney, and Milton P. Webster, vice-president of the Brotherhood of Sleeping Car Porters.

10. In 1966, Governor James A. Rhodes declared state of emergency in Cleveland and dispatched National Guard troops to riot-torn Hough district.

11. In 1967, Riot, Durham. National Guard mobilized.

12. In 1973, Willie Mays is named to the National League all star team for the 24th time, tying Stan Musial for the record number of appearances.

13. In 1979, Patricia R. Harris is named Secretary of Health and Human Services. It is her second Cabinet-level appointment. She had been Secretary of Housing and Urban Development.

14. In 1991, The South African government acknowledges that it had been giving money to the Inkatha Freedom Party, the main rival of the African National Congress.

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