Nothing will motivate a man to move forward faster than knowing what's behind Him.

1. In 1822, Public schools for Blacks open in Philadelphia.

2. In 1864, Gen. A. J. Smith with fourteen thousand men, including a brigade of Black troops, defeated Nathan B. Forrest at Harrisburg, near Tupelo, Mississippi.

3. In 1903, The True Reformer Building in Washington D.C. was dedicated. Built by the Grand Fountain of the United Order of True Reformers, it was the first building in America to be designed, financed, built, and owned by the African-American community after Reconstruction. It was designed by John A. Lankford, the city’s first registered African American architect, who went on to national prominence as the architect for African Methodist Episcopal churches across the country.

4. In 1970, James McGhee is sworn in as the first African American mayor of Dayton, Ohio.

5. In 1997, The first Black-owned microbrewing company was founded. Brothers Beer Company Inc. is based in Oakland California and conducts business as Brothers Brewing Company, BBC or Brothers, BBC.

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