Nothing will motivate a man to move forward faster than knowing what's behind Him.

1. Paul Laurence Dunbar, short story writer, talented and versatile, succeeded in two worlds. So adept at writing verse in Black English that he will become known as the “poet of his people,” while also cultivating a white audience that appreciated the brilliance and value of his work. “Majors and Minors” (1895), Dunbar’s second collection of verse, will be a remarkable work containing some of his best poems in both Black and standard English.

2. Ruby Middleton Forsythe, educator from Charleston, SC. She began teaching in a one-room school on Pawley’s Island, the only educational facility available to Black people on the island.

3. Carl Holman, civil rights leader and president of the National Urban Coalition (1971-88) who promoted the need for a mutual partnership between industry and government to foster inner-city development.

4. Andrew Foster, Educator and administrator for the deaf.

5. Dr. Caldwell McCoy, Jr., Electrical engineer, served in the United States Air Force where he was a combat pilot with the Strategic Air Command.

6. Lucille Clifton, poet and author, From 1971 to 1974, she was poet-in-residence at Coppin State College, and in 1979, she was named Poet Laureate of the state of Maryland.

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