Nothing will motivate a man to move forward faster than knowing what's behind Him.

My wife purchased this machine from lowes in Lakewood, WA.  It was a Father’s Day gift.   I chose this one with the Honda engine as opposed to the 2700 psi with a B/S engine.

It seems to do the job and perform as expected.  However,  I can’t figure out why an engineer would suggest having that  thread type on the outlet for the pressure hose.  It seems to me that the more thread the tighter and more secure the fit.  But, for some reason they chose to eliminate the thread on either side of the outlet, leaving ample opportunity to mis-thread the hose while installing it.   It only take one time to gaul the thread, its aluminum as well as the hose connection.

The manual states to take the hose off when not in use which is a good idea since the hose extends pass the chassis and one bump will also cause some problems.

Another problem I have is the soap/Cleaner dispensers.  The hoses hang so low that they will easily snag and could come undone.   I fashioned a zip tie so as not to crimp or bend the hose.  It worked out fine, but then one of  the off/on valves got knocked off.   Seems that the unit could be raised up 3-4 inches.   FYI, I mentioned the hose dilema to a clerk at lowes and he suggested that I wrap the access around the pump.  NOT! a good idea.   I would have never thought of doing that because the pump gets very hot and thats not good for a plastic hose.   I haven’t used any soap or cleaner with this machine.  I’ll update when I do.

I attempted to update my comments about this machine at but it informed me that I had already rated this machine and apparently updates are not allowed.

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