Nothing will motivate a man to move forward faster than knowing what's behind Him.

1. Charles Waddell Chestnutt, stenographer, lawyer, author, and lecturer. Served three years as principal of the Fayetteville State Colored Normal School in North Carolina. His literary works includes a biography of Frederick Douglass and the short story collection “The Conjure Woman”. In 1928, he will receive the NAACP’s Spingarn Medal for his literacy accomplishments.

2. Dr. Lloyd A. Hall, Leader in the chemistry of food Preservastives.  By the end of his career, Hall had amassed 59 United States patents, and a number of his inventions were also patented in other countries.

3. Harriet M. Waddy, First Black Female Major in (WAC) Women’s Army Corps.  She entered the WAC officer candidate school at Fort Des Moines in 1942. She was promoted to lieutenant colonel in 1948 and retired from the armed forces in 1952. Then she worked for the Federal Aviation Administration and counseled troubled girls at a Job Corps center in Oregon.

4. Eric Allan Dolphy, Jazzman (Out To Lunch), jazz alto saxophonist, flutist, and bass clarinetist. He also played, on a few occasions the clarinet and baritone saxophone.  Dolphy was one of several multi-instrumentalists to gain prominence in the 1960s. He was also the first important bass clarinet soloist in jazz, and among the earliest significant flute soloists. His improvisational style was characterized by the use of wide intervals, in addition to using an array of extended techniques to reproduce human- and animal-like effects which almost literally made his instruments speak. Although Dolphy’s work is sometimes classified as free jazz, his compositions and solos were often rooted in conventional (if highly abstracted) tonal bebop harmony and melodic lines that suggest the influences of modern classical composers Béla Bartók and Igor Stravinsky.

5. Lazy Lester (Leslie Johnson), Blues harp player (Harp and Soul), Best known for regional hits recorded with Ernie Young’s Nashville, Tennessee based Excello label, Lester also contributed to songs recorded by Excello label-mates including Slim Harpo, Lightnin’ Slim, and Katie Webster. His songs have been covered by (among others)The Kinks, Freddy Fender, Dwight Yoakam, Dave Edmunds, Raful Neal, Anson Funderburgh, and The Fabulous Thunderbirds. In the comeback stage of his career (since the late 1980s) he has recorded new albums backed by Mike Buck, Sue Foley, Gene Taylor, Kenny Neal, Lucky Peterson, and Jimmie Vaughan.

6. Andre’ Watts, Concert Pianist and professor at the Jacobs School of Music of Indiana University, made his debut concert at age nine, New York Philharmonic debut in 1963, and become a world-famous classical pianist.

7. Lionel Richie, Singer, Choreographer, songwriter, musician and record producer. Since 1968, he has been a member of the musical group Commodores signed to Motown Records. Richie made his solo debut in 1982 with the album Lionel Richie and number-one hit “Truly”.

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