Nothing will motivate a man to move forward faster than knowing what's behind Him.

1. In 1773, Massachusetts slaves petitioned the state legislature for freedom. A bill was drawn and passed by the Mass. legislature. But the governor witheld approval and the measure never became law.

2. In 1868, Congress readmitted North Carolina, South Carolina, Louisiana, Georgia, Alabama and Florida on condition “that the constitutions of said states shall never be amended or changed as to deprive any citizen or class of citizens or the United States of the right to vote in said states who are entitled to vote by the consti…

3. In 1876, Isaiah Dorman dies at the battle of Little Bighorn under the leadership of Colonel George Custer

4. In 1935, Joe Louis defeated Primo Carnera at Yankee Stadium.

5. In 1941, President Roosevelt issued Executive Order 8802 which forbade racial and religious discrimination in war industries, government training programs and government industries. Randolph called off scheduled march.

6. In 1944, Fair Employment Practices Commission established.

7. In 1968, Lincoln Alexander becomes the first Black member of the Canadian Parliament

8. In 1975, Mozambique proclaimed independent.

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