Nothing will motivate a man to move forward faster than knowing what's behind Him.

1. In 1886, First Civil Rights Act passed.

2. In 1926, The first African American became an Eagle Scout in America. Edgar Cunningham, Sr., a member of Troop 12, Waterloo, Iowa, of the Wapsipinicon Area Council.

3. In 1953, Martin Luther King Sr., performs the marriage ceremony of Martin Luther King Jr., and Coretta Scott at the Scott home near Marion, Alabama.

4. In 1969, Bill Cosby wins an Emmy for a variety special. It is his fourth Emmy award.

5. In 2001, The United States Civil Rights Commission, headed by Mary Frances Berry, issued the results of its six-month long study to the November 2000 presidential election. The report concluded that minority voters were disenfranchised by the methods used in the Florida election. It noted that Blacks were 10 times more likely than whites to have their ballots rejected and Black voting districts were disproportionately hindered by old and error prone voting equipment.

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