Nothing will motivate a man to move forward faster than knowing what's behind Him.

1. In 1783 Oliver Cromwell, an African American soldier who served in the Revolutionary War, receives an honorable discharge signed by George Washington. Cromwell, who was with Washington when he crossed the Delaware and in the battles of Yorktown, Princeton, and Monmouth, is cited by Washington as having earned “the Badge of Merit for six years’ faithful service.”

2. In 1872 The Republican National Convention met in Philadelphia. Held during Reconstruction, this gathering was filled with substantial Black representation from Southern states.

3. In 1894 G. W. Murray Received Patent for Cotton chopper

4. In 1894 G. W. Murray Received Patent for Fertilizer distributor

5. In 1894 G. W. Murray Received Patent for Planter

6. In 1894 G. W. Murray Received Patent for Planter & Fertilizer distributor

7. In 1895 Charles Sumner High School founded in St. Louis, it was the first such institution for Black students west of the Mississippi. Established at Eleventh and Spruce Streets, it relocated at Fifteenth and Walnut in 1895 and moved to its present location at 4248 Cottage Avenue in 1910.

8. In 1916 Madeline M. Turner receives a patent for the fruit press.

9. In 1920 W. E. B. Du Bois was awarded the Spingarn Medal. With an overpacked audience at Bethel Church in Atlanta, GA, Du Bois became the 5th recipient of the annual honor through the NAACP.

10.  In 1940 The American Negro Theater (ANT) was organized in Harlem, New York. Coordinators were Frederick O’Neal, Abram Hill, and members of the McClendon Players.

11. In 1952 Jersey Joe Walcott defeats Ezzard Charles for the heavyweight boxing title.

12. In 1956 A three-judge federal court rules that racial segregation on Montgomery city buses is unconstitutional, ending the Montgomery bus boycott.

13. In 1959 U.S. Supreme Court undermines the legal foundations of segregation in three landmark cases, Sweatt v. Painter, McLaurin v. Oklahoma State Regents and Henderson v. United States.

14. In 1973 Cardiss R. Collins of Chicago, Illinois is elected to Congress. She will succeed her late husband and spend over twenty years in the U.S. House of Representatives.

15. In 1973 Doris A. Davis of Compton, California, becomes the first African American female to govern a metropolitan city.

16. In 1983 Yannick Noah becomes the first Frenchman to win the French Open since World War II.
17. In 2008, The day after Senator Barack Obama of Illinois won the Democratic presidential nomination Becoming the first African American to do so, every major league baseball team symbolically drafted a surviving member of the Negro League.

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