Nothing will motivate a man to move forward faster than knowing what's behind Him.

1. In 1870 Congress passed the first Enforcement Act which provided stiff penalties for public officials and private citizens who deprived citizens of the suffrage and civil rights. The measure authorized the use of the U.S. Army to protect the rights of Blacks.

2. In 1881 Booker T. Washington was recommended by General Armstrong for the principalship of the newly planned Tuskegee Institute.

3. In 1909 Some three hundred Blacks and whites met at the United Charities Building in New York City at the first NAACP conference, May 31 and June 1.

4. In 1921, Greenwood, a black town out from Tulsa, Ok. burned to the ground.  The Greenwood section of Tulsa was home to a commercial district so prosperous it was known as “the Negro Wall Street” (now commonly referred to as “the Black Wall Street”). Ironically, the economic enclaves here and elsewhere — bounded and supported by racial separation — supported prosperity and capital formation within the community. In the surrounding areas of northeastern Oklahoma, blacks also enjoyed relative prosperity and participated in the oil boom.

At around 1 a.m., the white mob began setting fires, mainly to businesses on commercial Archer Street at the edge of the Greenwood district. As crews from the Tulsa Fire Department arrived to put out fires, they were turned away at gunpoint. By 4 a.m., an estimated two-dozen black-owned businesses had been set ablaze.

The Tulsa race riot was a large-scale racially motivated conflict brought about by whites on the black community of Tulsa, Oklahoma, including aerial attack, the first attack by air in America, and one of many terrorist attacks, beginning May 31, 1921. During the 16 hours of the assault, over 800 people were admitted to local hospitals with injuries,more than 6000 Greenwood residents were arrested and detained in a prison camp, an estimated 10,000 were left homeless, and 35 city blocks composed of 1,256 residences were destroyed by fire caused by (improvised explosive devices) bombing.

Due to a City imposed embargo of material and permits Greenwood was not able to rebuild.

5. In 1955 Supreme Court ordered school integration “with all deliberate speed.”

6. In 1961 Six years to the date of the 1955 Supreme court Ruling, Judge Irving Kaufman ordered the  Board of Education of New Rochelle, N.Y., to integrate schools.

7. In 1979 Zimbabwe proclaimed independent.

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