Nothing will motivate a man to move forward faster than knowing what's behind Him.

1. In 1526,  First slave revolt occurs in South Carolina. Nearly 40 years before the first permanent European settlement in North America, Spanish explorers bring enslaved Africans to what are now the Carolinas. The Africans escape in what is the first recorded slave revolt in North America.

2. In 1692,  In Salem, Massachusetts, Mary Black, a slave, was convicted of sorcery and jailed after a trial.

3. In 1919,  S.H. Love develop an idea to improve military guns, for which he applied and was granted patent  no. 1,301,143.

4. In 1978, Bob Marley’s famous “One Love” concert  was held.  At this momentous occasion Bob requested the two leaders of the rival parties to join him on stage and to join hands in an attempt to show the people of Jamaica their commitment to the betterment of the society including decreasing political rivalry and the struggle between capitalism and socialism.

5. In 1981,  Joint Center for Political Studies reported that 2991 Blacks held elective offices in 45 states and the District of Columbia, compared with 2621 in April, 1973, and 1185 in 1969. The Center reported 108 Black mayors. Michigan had the largest number of Black elected officials (194), followed by Mississippi (191).

6. In 2004,  Charlie Sifford, Golfer, The First Black To Win the PGA tour, became the first Black elected into the World Golf Hall Of Fame


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