Nothing will motivate a man to move forward faster than knowing what's behind Him.

1. In 1775,  First abolitionist society in United States organized, Founded at the Rising Sun Tavern in Philadelphia, Society for the “Relief for Free Negroes unlawfully held in Bondage,” renamed the Pennsylvania Abolition Society (PAS), is the oldest abolition society in the U.S.  Reorganized in the 1780s to include a third mission: “improving the Condition of the African Race,” PAS worked not only to assist enslaved persons and advocate for an end to slavery.

2. In 1868,  South Carolina voters approved constitution, 70,758 to 27,228, and elected state officers, including the first Black cabinet officer, Francis L. Cardozo, secretary of state. New constitution required integrated education and contained a strong bill of rights section: “Distinctions on account of race or color, in any case whatever, shall be prohibited, and all classes of citizens shall enjoy equally all common, public, legal and political privileges.”

3. In 1873,  U.S. Supreme Court decision in Slaughterhouse cases began process of diluting the Fourteenth Amendment. The Court said the Fourteenth Amendment protected federal civil rights, not “Civil rights heretofore belonging exclusively to the states.”

4. In 1891,  W. B. Abram received Patent for Hame Attachment.

5. In 1896,   A. J. Polk received Patent for Bicycle kickstand.

6. In 1969,  Student Afro-American Society seized the Columbia College admissions office and demanded a special admissions board and staff.

7. In 2002, Tiger Woods wins his third Masters Golf title and becomes only the second person ever to win two of the titles in a row.


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