Nothing will motivate a man to move forward faster than knowing what's behind Him.

Richard Harvey Cain

1. Richard Harvey Cain, minister, abolitionist, and United States Representative from 1873 to 1875 and 1877 to 1879.  founder of Paul Quinn College in Waco, Texas.

Sir Grantley H. Adams

2. Sir Grantley H. Adams, political leader, former president of Barbados.

Lionel Hampton

3. Lionel Hampton, musician and bandleader, He recorded with Louis Armstrong and worked with Benny Goodman and was also responsible for introducing the vibraphone into jazz.

Hound Dog Taylor

4. Hound Dog Taylor (Theodore Roosevelt Taylor), Blues Singer, played on the famed King Biscuit radio show in Helena, Arkansas, before settling in Chicago in 1942.  He became one of the Chicago blues club circuit’s  most popular performers.  he called his band the Houserockers and his music “house rocking music,” a mixture of of boogie, rock ‘n’ roll and blues.

Herbie Hancock

5. Herbie Hancock, Contemporary jazz composer and musician.


6. Willie Pernell, R&B Artist, Archie Bell and the Drells (Tighten’ up).

J.D. Nicholas

7. J.D. Nicholas, Rhythm and Blues Artist, The Commodores, (Brick House).


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