Nothing will motivate a man to move forward faster than knowing what's behind Him.

What a joke, The Donald for president?  After several failed marriages, several failed businesses.  He only found success as a dictator,  “my way or the highway”  this is exactly what we need in a democracy.   This idiot won’t even recognize a legal document.  What kind of business man is that?  Evidently his failure to compromise contributed to his numerous failed marriages.

He can’t be serious.   This has to be a feeble attempt  on his part to get some publicity for his lame tv/reality? show.    Who else could he pick other than President Barak Obama  to raise his tv rating.  He had to because  of his lack of creativity and professionalism.

The donald will get his publicity, increase his tv rating and then hopefully fade into the sunset.   Unfortunately those ratings will not last for long.    Soon after, we will see his ugly head rise once again,  preceded only by the thing on his head.

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