Nothing will motivate a man to move forward faster than knowing what's behind Him.

Do you remember when you were told by the police to freeze.   He would approach you check for weapons and if everything checked out you would be let go or if not you would be handcuffed and put in the back of the patrol car?

You were addressed with a professional voice with clear and precise commands.   Not today.  Today’s Police officer is trained to confuse and disorient an individual by yelling at the top of his voice several consecutive commands so any move he make can be interpreted as sudden or aggressive.  If none of that works, the officer can say, “I thought he was reaching for a gun”.  Judge and Jury,  Case closed?

Today there are differing Departmental Policies and Standard Police Procedures that amount to modern day lynching.    Apparently the procedure is for a policemen to yell out several commands and if you do not obey one of then SPP would be to empty the 9mm clip into you.    Even worse is when several cops are yelling commands, (Even a pack of dogs have a lead dog.) creating confusion, and one cop only has to say GUN and all get to cut loose, only stopping when  clips are empty.    Every police who fired a shot would be put on (get this now) “paid administrative leave” which amounts to a paid vacation.   Now if you wanted a paid vacation and all you had to do is pop a cap in someone, then “shoot him before he run now”

On a traffic stop, the police approached the vehicle, told the driver to stick his hands out the window.  He then told him to open the door and step out of the vehicle.   The door was keyless entry and could only be opened from the inside.  When the driver stuck his hands back inside the car to open the door he was riddled with bullets by the police who felt threatened because the driver made a “sudden” move.   Police got three days paid leave (which amounts to a vacation) pending an investigation.

Our fearless leaders in the black community will have us march and sing “we shall over come (not today but) someday”.

As long as a policemen didn’t perform outside of Departmental policies then no charges will be filed against the Officer.   More times that not, there won’t even be an investigation.    Not to mention, “Departmental Policies” are never revealed to the public.

We can only assume that  Departmental policy is not to subdue and apprehend, but do dispatch (kill) the individual, suspect, perp or person of interest.   All of the afore mentioned are terms used by police, but only one result will end in a paid vacation.    Fringe benefits and performance perks has never look so good.   To merely arrest someone will result in a lot of paper work, and due to incompetence along the chain of command to the prosecution, the person may get off on a technicality, or even worse he could get probation.  So “paid vacation” it is.

Now, one would expect Departmental Policy to be to disable the individual, but is seems that the real policy is to shoot to kill.   Like in the Military, one shot one kill, no that’s not right, a Police firing one shot would be like a drug addict taking one pill.   A cop gets his thrill with a kill, an addict gets his thrill with a pill.   At least an addict is only harming himself.

Remember Suicide is against the law, try it and they will kill you.

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