Nothing will motivate a man to move forward faster than knowing what's behind Him.

1. In 1833, 178 Years ago Today, The Phoenix Society founded in New York.

2. In 1865, 146 Years ago Today, Aaron Anderson wins the Navy’s Medal of Honor for his heroic actions aboard the USS Wyandank during the Civil War.

3. In 1885, 126 Years ago Today, W. F. Cosgrove received Patent for Automatic STOP  Plug  for GAS Oil Pipes.

4. In 1886, 125 Years ago Today, Carrollton Massacre, (Mississippi) 20 blacks killed.

5. In 1891, 120 Years ago Today, West Virginia State College is founded.

6. In 1895, 116 Years ago Today, H. Creamer received Patent for Steam Feed Water Trap.

7. In 1896, 115 Years ago Today, C. B. Brooks designed the street sweeper and patented it. Prior to his invention, streets were cleaned manually by workers picking up trash by hand or sweeping it with brooms. Brooks’ invention was made of a truck with a series of broom-like brushes attached which pushed trashe and debris off onto the side of the road.

8. In 1970, 41 Years ago Today, Jacob Lawrence was the first artist to recieve the Spingarn Medal in 1970 for “emience among American painter”

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