Nothing will motivate a man to move forward faster than knowing what's behind Him.

1. In 1821,  Thomas L. Jennings  was the first African-American to have patented an invention. Mr. Jennings was issued a patent for a dry-cleaning process known as “dry scouring.” An activist for the rights of African Americans, he served as Assistant Secretary of the first annual Convention of the People of Color in June 1831 in Philadelphia.

2. In 1827,  Freedom’s Journal published by John B. Russwurm and Samuel E. Cornish.  The first African-American owned and operated newspaper published in the United States.   Founded by Rev. John Wilk and other free black men in New York City, it was published weekly.   Freedom’s Journal was superseded in 1829 by The Rights of All, published between 1829 and 1830 by Samuel Cornish, the former senior editor of the Journal.

3. In 1869,  Hiram R. Revels made his first speech in the Senate, opposing the readmission of Georgia without adequate safeguards for Black citizens. This was the first official speech by a Black in Congress.

4. In 1897,  J. H. Dunnington received Patent for Horse Detachers

5. In 1897,  W. H. Jackson received Patent for Railway Switch.

6. In 1935,  Percy Lavon Julian, synthesized the drug physotigmine which is used today in the treatment of glaucoma. He later headed the soybean research department of the Glidden Company and then formed Julian Laboratories in order to specialize in the production of sterols which he extracted from the oil of the soybean.

7. In 1957,  The Dell Vikings debut on the R&B charts with “Come Go with Me,” considered a treasure of the doo-wop era.

8. In 1996,  Mike Tyson KOs Frank Bruno in the third round to regain the Heavy weight Title.

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