Nothing will motivate a man to move forward faster than knowing what's behind Him.

 1. In 1839, 172 Years ago Today, The U.S. Supreme Court declared Joseph Cinquez and his fellow mutineers free.  In the most famous slave ship revolt in history, Cinquez, the son of an African king, and his Mendi followers had killed the captain and taken over the Spanish slaver the Amistad. The rebels were captured off Long Island, where they had been discovered floating in a “mysterious long black schooner” with tattered sails before trying to sail the Amistad back to Africa.

 2. In 1891, 120 Years ago Today, North Carolina Agicultural and Technical (A&T) State University is founded in Greensboro, NC.

 3. In 1897, 114 Years ago Today, W. H. Jackson received Patent for Railway Switch

 4. In 1911, 100 Years ago Today, White firemen of the Cincinnati, New Orleans and Texas Pacific Railroad struck to protest the hiring of Black firemen.

 5. In 1931, 80 Years ago Today, Walter F. White named NAACP executive secretary. The NAACP has had many leaders since its beginning in 1910, but none was more determined and devoted than Walter F. White. This fair-skinned, blue-eyed man who wouldn’t pass worked a lifetime to defeat the nation’s barriers to integration

 6. In 1961, 50 Years ago Today, Clifton Wharton is sworn in as ambassador to Norway. Clifton Wharton was the 1st Black person to earn a PhD in economics from University of Chicago in as well as the first Black president of Michigan State, predominantly White university.

 7. In 1966, 45 Years ago Today, Andrew F. Brimmer became the first Black governor of the Federal Reserve Board. ‘Upon leaving the Federal Reserve Board in August 1974, taught courses on capital markets and finance at the Harvard Business School for two years, established  economic and financial consulting firm (Brimmer & Co. Inc.).

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