Nothing will motivate a man to move forward faster than knowing what's behind Him.

  1. In 1775, 236 Years ago Today, Prince Hall and fourteen other Blacks were initiated into British Military Lodge No. 441 of the Masons at Fort Independence, Massachusetts. Hall was a leather-dresser and caterer. On July 3, 1775, African Lodge No.1 was organized in Boston by a group of Black Masons.

 2. In 1827, 184 Years ago Today, Freedom’s Journal Founded by Russworm & Cornish)

 3. In 1857, 154 Years ago Today, The Dred Scott decision of the Supreme Court denied Blacks U.S. citizenship and denied the power of Congress to restrict slavery in any federal territory.

 4. In 1901, 110 Years ago Today, Virginia State University is founded.

 5. In 1957, 54 Years ago Today, Ghana became an independent state, the Gold Coast gained it’s independence from Great Britain. Independence Square celebrations – Accra, Ghana Ghana – Political History Ghana lies at the heart of a region which has been leading sub-Saharan African culture since the first millennium BC in metal-working, mining, sculpture an…

 6. In 1964, 47 Years ago Today, Elijah Muhammad renames Cassius Clay, Muhammad Ali.

 7. In 1967, 44 Years ago Today, Muhammad Ali is ordered by selective service to be inducted into the Armed Services.

 8. In 1981, 30 Years ago Today, Dr. Bernard Harleston, former dean of arts and sciences at Tufts University, appointed president of New York’s City College.

 9. In 1985, 26 Years ago Today, Mike Tyson KOs Hector Mercedes in 1 round in his 1st pro fight.

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