Nothing will motivate a man to move forward faster than knowing what's behind Him.


This Is The Only Dope You Need

1. In 1833, Maria W. Steward delivered one of the four speeches which confirmed her place in history as the first American-born woman to give public lectures.

2. In 1844, The Dominican Republic Gained it’s Independence.

3. In 1869, Congress adopted the 15th constitutional amendment, making it illegal for the US or any single government to deny or abridge the right to vote “on account of race, color or previous condition of servitude.”

4. In 1869, John W. Menard spoke in Congress in defense of his claim to a contested seat in Louisiana’s Second Congressional District. Congress decided against both claimants. Congressman James A. Garfield of the examining committee said “it was too early to admit a Negro to the U.S. Congress.”

5. In 1872, Charlotte E. Ray graduates from Howard Law School.  She is the first African  American Female lawyer in the U.S.

6. In 1883, Walter B. Purvis Received Patent for Hand Stamp

7. In 1922, Supreme Court unanimously upheld 19th amendment woman’s right to vote.

8. In 1981, Paul McCartney & Stevie Wonder record (Ebony & Ivory)

9. In 1982, Wayne Williams found guilty of murdering 2 of 28 blacks in Atlanta, even after he was arrested, the murders continued.  Today human organs are harvested from young black men who are murdered by cops and rounded up during riots never to be heard from again.

10. In 1988, Figure skater Debi Thomas becomes the first African American to win a medal (bronze) at the winter Olympic Games.

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