Nothing will motivate a man to move forward faster than knowing what's behind Him.

 1. Congressman James E. O’Hara of North Carolina. First elected March 4, 1833, O’Hara served two terms, the second ending March 3, 1887.   

 2.  Antoine Dominique “Fats” Domino Jr.  R&B and rock and roll pianist and singer-songwriter. He was born and raised in Vacherie, Louisiana.

 3.  Godfrey Cambridge, actor and comedian, Cotton Comes to Harlem, Sweet Sweetback’s Baadassssss Song and Watermelon Man. he was acclaimed by Time magazine in 1965 as “one of the country’s four most celebrated Negro comedians.”

 4.  William Henry “Bill” Duke, Jr. Actor and film director with over 30 years of experience. Known for his physically imposing frame, Duke’s work frequently dwells within the action/crime and drama genres but also includes comedy.  Known for his roll in Carwash

 5. Erica Abi Wright ,  better known by her stage name Erykah Badu Recording artist, record producer and actress. Her work includes elements from R&B, hip hop and jazz.  She is best known for her role in the rise of the neo soul  genre, and for her eccentric, cerebral musical stylings and sense of fashion. She is known as the “First Lady of Neo-Soul” or the “Queen of Neo-Soul”.

 6. Kyle Norman, Rhythm and Blues Artist (Jagged Edge)

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