Nothing will motivate a man to move forward faster than knowing what's behind Him.

1. In 1895,  North Carolina Legislature, dominated by Black Republicans and white Populists, adjourned for the day to mark the death of Frederick Douglass.

2. In 1899,   E. P. Ray Received Patent for Chair supporting device

3. In 1956,  Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. is indicted on the charge of conspiracy.

4. In 1961,  Otis Boykin, Inventor, patented the Electrical Resistor. U.S. 2,972,726 He is responsible for inventing the electrical device used in all guided missiles and IBM computers, plus 26 other electronic devices including a control unit for an artificial heart stimulator (pacemaker).

5. In 1965,  Tragedy at the Audubon Ballroom in New York City, Malcolm X is assassinated.

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