Nothing will motivate a man to move forward faster than knowing what's behind Him.

 1. In 1900, 111 Years ago Today, J. F. Pickering Received Patent for Air Ship

 2. In 1929, 82 Years ago Today, Writer Wallace Thurman’s play Harlem opens in NYC. It is the first successful play by an African American playwright.

 3. In 1934, 77 Years ago Today, Four Saints in Three Acts, by Virgil Thomson and Gertrude Stein, premieres as the first black-performed opera on Broadway.

 4. In 1952, 59 Years ago Today, Emmett Ashford certified as umpire becoming the first Black Umpire in organized baseball

 5. In 1954, 57 Years ago Today, The Spiders make their chart debut with “I Didn’t Want To Do It.”

 6. In 1963, 48 Years ago Today, Willie Mays (SF Giants) signs a record $100,000 per year contract

 7. In 1968, 43 Years ago Today, State troopers used tear gas to stop demonstrations at Alcorn A&M College.

 8. In 1970, 41 Years ago Today, Roots By Alex Haley is the top selling book in the nation.  Adapted for TV, it went on to be the most watch TV mini series in TV history.

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