Nothing will motivate a man to move forward faster than knowing what's behind Him.

1. In 1894,  Congress repeals the Enforcement Act which makes it easier for some states to disenfranchise African American voters.

2. In 1898,  A. L. Rickman Received Patent for Overshoe

3. In 1898,  O’Conner & Turner Received Patent for Alarm for coasts containing vessels

4.  In 1924, Students staged strike at Fisk University to protest policies of white administration.  In an effort to gain sizable donations from wealthy northern and southern funders, the white president Fayette McKenzie made many concessions. Most notably, he began to change the curriculum to reflect a more industrial education. The students, outraged and encouraged by Du Bois, walked out. Eventually, McKenzie resigned and the school returned to its original mission: to provide an elite higher education for black youth.

5. In 1925,  Marcus Garvey entered federal prison in Atlanta.

6. In 1938,  Lloyd A. Hall received Patent for Sterilizing Foodstuff

7. In 1944,  Harry S. McAlphin – First African American to accredited to attend White House press conference.

8. In 1968,   Massacre in Orangeburg, SC.  Officers killed three students Samuel Hammond, Henry Smith and Delano Middleton.   27 other students were injured during a demonstration on the campus of South Carolina State University in Orangeburg, South Carolina. 200 unarmed students were protesting segregation at an Orangeburg bowling alley.

9. In 1985,  Brenda Renee Pearson, an official court reporter for the House of Representatives was the first black female to record the State of the Union message delivered by the president in the House chambers.

10. In 1986,   Figure skater Debi Thomas became the first African American to win the Women’s Singles of the U.S. National Figure Skating Championship competition.  She was a pre-med student at Stanford University.  She She went on to practice medicine in Southern California.

11. In 1986,  Oprah Winfrey Goes National and becomes the first African American woman to host a nationally syndicated talk show.

12. In 1990,   Andy Rooney, a CBS “60 Minutes” commentator, received a 90-day suspension from work because of racist remarks about African Americans attributed to him by Chris Bull, a New York-based reporter for “The Advocate,”  quoted Rooney  “I’ve believed all along that most people are born with equal intelligence, but Blacks have watered down their genes because the less intelligent ones are the ones that have the children. They drop out of school early, do drugs, and get pregnant.”

13.  In 2015, Natasha McKenna, a 37-year-old African-American woman was murdered in Fairfax County, Virginia while in police custody.  She being tasered 4 times while restrained was captured on the video of the Fairfax County jail.   No charges were filed against the (perpetrators) deputies who Killed McKenna,

14. In 2017,  Chad Robertson,  was on a stopover in Chicago, waiting to board a bus to Minneapolis near Union Station on Wednesday, Feb. 7. His family said he was approached and shot for no apparent reason. The officer shot him in the left shoulder. He was taken to Stroger Hospital in critical condition.  He later died on February 15, 2017

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