Nothing will motivate a man to move forward faster than knowing what's behind Him.

1. In 1865,   Robert E. Lee, with his armies at low tide, recommended the employment of blacks in the Confederate forces because it was “not only expedient but necessary.”

2. In 1870,  First reconstruction legislature met in Jackson, Mississippi. Thirty-one of the 106 representatives were Black. Five of the thirty-three senators were Black.

3. In 1892,  William D. McCoy of Indiana was appointed minister to Liberia.

4. In 1936,  Charles Anderson Elected Kentucky House of Representatives.  He served in the Kentucky Legislature until 1958.  One of his most important legislative accomplishments was the Anderson-Mayer State Aid Act which provided $7,500 annually to African American students to attend out of state colleges because Kentucky’s segregated college system could not accommodate all the blacks at the one all-black state school, Kentucky State College, in Frankfort.  He also passed bills improving public school facilities and legislated for a $100 education and travel fund for each black student who was forced to travel outside of his or her county to attend segregated schools.  Combating lynching in Kentucky, Anderson was credited with the repeal of the state’s public hanging law.

5. In 1961, A Riot at University of Georgia. Two Black students Charlayne Hunter and Hamilton Holmes were suspended but a federal court ordered them reinstated. They returned to classes on January 16.

6. In 1985, Reuben V. Anderson is appointed a judge on the Mississippi Supreme Court. He is the first African American named to that court.

7. In 1988, Anthropologists announce that an ancestor of homo sapiens dubbed “Eve” may be the mother of the human species. This “mitochondrial mother” of mankind was found in East Africa.

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