Nothing will motivate a man to move forward faster than knowing what's behind Him.

1. In 1947,  Congressman William L. Dawson elected chairman of House Expenditures Committee. He was the first Black to head a standing committee of Congress.

2. In 1947, NAACP report said 1946 was “one of the grimmest years in the history of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People.” The report deplored “reports of blow torch killing and eye-gouging of Negro veterans freshly returned from a war to end torture and racial extermination” and said “Negroes in America have been disillusioned over the wave of lynchings, brutality and official recession from all of the flamboyant promises of post war democracy and decency.”

3. In 1947, United States Population: 150,697,361. Black population: 15,042,286 (10 per cent)

4. In 1961, Adam Clayton Powell elected Chairman of the House Education and Labor Committee.

5. In 1964,  Martin Luther King Jr., appears on the cover of Time magazine as its Man of the Year.

6. In 1966,  Floyd B. McKissick, North Carolina attorney, named national director of Congress of Racial Equality.

7. In 1966,  Robert C. Henry takes office as First Black Mayor in Ohio (Springfield)

8. In 1966,  Sammy Young, Jr., 21, was shot to death by a 67 year old white service station attendant. A Tuskegee Institute student and civil rights activist, Young was shot after using the “Whites only” restroom at the service station where the white attendant was working.

9. In 1969,  Louis Stokes is sworn in as the first African American congressman from the state of Ohio. He served more than ten terms in Congress.

10. In 1969,  Rep. Adam Clayton Powell Jr. seated by Congress.

11. In 1984,  Rev. Jesse Jackson secures the release of pilot Lt. Robert Goodman, shot down over Damascus

12. In 1989,  The Arsenio Hall Show premiered , I was the first regularly scheduled nightly talk show to star an African American.  Actor-Comedian hall hosted the award-winning show which he also created.  It aired until 1994.

13. In 1997,  Bryant Gumble resigns after 15 years as host of NBC’s Today Show.

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