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Once Upon A Time (FICTION?)


 Casiesville,  a  small  town situated in the southeastern
           region  of  North  Carolina.    Only   partially  integrated,
           there  seem to be no hurry on either  side  to  further  this
           movement  since Federal Regulation was the only motivation in
           the  first  place.   Before   compliance   there   were   two
           schools;  Casiesville  High (white) and Central High (black).
           A few years ago Casiesville High was  renovated with  central
           air,  new buses, dining   facilities  and  a  few  classrooms
           added.   Central  High  on  the other hand only got new books
           since it was built only five years ago.  At  this  point  the
           only  segregation  was the beauty shops and barber shops. The
           town was situated in that there were farms to the  north  and
           to  the  south,  blacks  lived  on the east and whites on the
           west.  Ironically, the poorer whites lived  just  outside  of
           town  on  the  west and like wise for the blacks on the east.
           It seems as though the farther out you lived in  the  suburbs
           the  more affluent you would be.

               There  was  two movie theaters, no! not one black and one
           white.  It just so happens that one was owned by a white  man
           and   one   by   a   black  man.   There   was  not  separate
           accommodations for the different races.  There  was  just  no
           interest  on eithers part  to see what the other was showing.
           However, occasionally there would be a few that would venture
           in and sit in on one  of  the movies.  One week  John  Jacobs
           (white)  had  a  movie at his theater called “A STAR IS BORN”
           the very next week William  Fletcher  (black)  had  the  same
           movie  at  his.    Besides  the  ones that wanted to see it a
           second time, there were a few that came to see  it  that  had
           never  seen  it  before (white).  Not only did he have a full
           house and had to turn some away but he decided  to  carry  it
           for  another  week.   There  was  an  “invisible  hand”  type
           competition between Mr. Jacobs and Mr. Fletcher.

               When Federal Laws  on  segregation went into  effect,  it
           did  not  have as a great of an impact on this town as it did
           in other towns and cities.   There  was  resentment  on  both
           sides concerning busing.  since  both schools went from first
           through  twelve,  there  were  no  Junior  High or Elementary
           Schools.  There was heated debate  about which  school  would
           be  the  Senior  High  and  which  would be the First through
           Eight.  This issue was very important in that no  one  wanted
           to  send their young children across town to school each day.
           Since the feeling was mutual for the most part, the  decision
           was  made  to  leave both schools first through Twelve and to
           bus anyone who wanted to  go  to  a  different  school.   The
           school  Officials  was pleased to hear that both sides agreed
           to keep both schools at full scale  level  which  meant  more
           Federal  Funds,  keeping  tow  football, baseball, basketball
           teams etc.  Needless to say the Officials saw $$,$$$.$$

               Surprisingly, there were a few on each side that chose to
           go to opposite schools.  There were only  minor  incidents,on
           in which a white tenth  grader  fainted  in  the  boys locker
           room. After a thorough examination the only bruise was on his
           head  from  the fall.  For two weeks the only verbal response
           from him was “why are they so big”.  A few weeks later at the
           same school a white student was seen running nude across  the
           football  field  during  lunch  although   all students  were
           present and accounted for at the beginning of fourth  period.
           The only incident at casiesville High was the lost of records
           of a black student.  Both sides blamed the other.  One saying
           that the records were not sent and the other saying that they
           were  sent.  After three months the records were found  under
           a mail bend at the Post Office.

           All went well for about six months until Sally (white age  9)
           saw Johnny (black age 9) at the community grocery store.

            Sally: Mom, there is Johnny, hey nigger!
              Mom: How do you know him?
            Sally: Oh, he is in my class.
              Mom: Come on Sally, we only have a few more things to pick
            Sally: Mom, why didn’t he answer me?
              Mom: Do you ever talk in calss?
            Sally: No.
              Mom: Why all of a sudden do you want to talk to him?
            Sally: I guess I was surprised to see him.
              Mom: Come on sally let’s go to the check out counter.
            Sally: Okay.
              Mom: Sally! Sally where are you going?

           Sally hurried down a few isles to the meat sections where she
           saw Johnny standing along side a real tall  black  man.   She
           hesitated for a second.

            Sally: Hey  nigger  didn’t you here me calling you? you act
                   like you don’t know me.

           Johnny’s father, Frank Johnson turned around, looked at Sally
           and then at Johnny.

            Frank: Son do you know this young lady?
           Johnny: Yes, she is in my class.
            Sally: Why didn’t you answer me when I called you?
           Johnny: Sally, I didn’t hear anyone call my name.
            Sally: I didn’t, I called you nigger.
           Johnny: That’s not my name.
            Frank: Young lady, Sally is ;it?
            Sally: Yes,
            Frank: Who told you his name was nigger?
            Sally: Nobody, when we are ridding along in the car and  see
                   some  of  you  people,  my  dad  says  “look  at that
                   nigger”, even if he or Mon see  one  of  you  on  our
                   television, they call them nigger.
            Frank: You need to ask your parents why they call us that.
           Johnny: Sally,  would  you  want  someone to call you a name
                   other than your own.
            Sally: I’m Sorry, I didn’t know.
              Mom: Sally, didn’t you hear me calling you?
            Sally: Yes Mom, this is Johnny and his Dad.
              Mom: Hi, young lady come on, its time to go home.
           Johnny: See you at school tomorrow Sally.
            Sally: Okay Johnny.
            Frank: Son, you have some interesting friends.

           Mom  (Brenda gates) and Sally went out and put the groceries
           in the car and started home.

            Sally: Mom, why do you call them nigger?
           Brenda: We have been calling them that for as long as  I  can
            Sally: Johnny said nigger was not his name, and I know that
                   I would not want anyone calling me anything other than
                   my name.
           Brenda: Let’s not discuss it anymore.

           Several minutes of silence went by, ;then all of a sudden.

           Brenda: Look  at  that nigger strut, you know, they all have

           Wanting to ask a question, while remembering  that  Mom  said
           not to discuss it any more.

            Sally: Mom.
           Brenda: What honey?
            Sally: Nothing Mom.

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