Nothing will motivate a man to move forward faster than knowing what's behind Him.

 1. Henry Highland Garnet, abolitionist  195  Years ago

 2. Arthur Wergs Mitchell, educator and politician, 1st African American to be elected to congress   127  Years ago

 3. Dr Chancellor Williams, Historian and author of  “Destruction of Black Civilization.”  112  Years ago

 4. James Amos Porter,  wrote the definitive book, Modern Negro Art (1943, 1969, 1992); head, Department of Art, Howard University from 1953-1970; painter and historian  105  Years ago

 5. Lil Green, Rhythm and Blues Artist  91  Years ago

 6. Mike Jackson, Major League Baseball Player 

 7. Bernnadette Stanis, Bkln NY, actress (Thelma-Good Times)  57  Years ago

 8. Lonnie Smith, Major League Baseball Player  55  Years ago

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