Nothing will motivate a man to move forward faster than knowing what's behind Him.

 1. William Alexander (Sunny) Greer, Jazz Drummer.

 2. Ella Josephine Baker is born in Norfolk, Virginia. A civil rights worker who will direct the New York branch of the NAACP, Baker will become executive director of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference in the 1960’s during student integration of lunch counters in the southern states.

 3. Archibald Lee Wright is born in Benoit, Mississippi. Better known as Archie Moore, he will become a boxer and win the light heavyweight crown in 1952. He will reign as champion until 1960. 

 4. Larry Doby is born. He will become the first African American in baseball’s American League, playing for the Cleveland Indians. He will be the 1954 RBI leader.  

 5. Carl Erskine is born. He will become a baseball player for the Brooklyn Dodgers.  

 6. Jamie Foxx (born Eric Marlon Bishop) is an Academy Award-winning actor, singer, musician and stand-up comedian.

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