Nothing will motivate a man to move forward faster than knowing what's behind Him.

1. In 1870,  Joseph H. Rainey, is sworn in as congressman (served five terms)

2. In 1872,  Attorney General George Williams sent a telegram to “Acting Governor Pinchback,” saying that the Black politician “was recognized by the President as the lawful executive of Louisiana.”

3. In 1892,  F. J. Loudin received Patent for Sash Fastener

4. In 1899,   A. C. Richardson Received Patent for Bottle

5. In 1899, George. F. Grant received Patent (#638,920)for his invention of the Golf Tee

6. In 1900,  National Negro Anthem, (Lift Every Voice and Sing) composed by James Weldon and James Rosamond Johnson.

7. In 1938,  U.S. Supreme Court rules in Missouri that a state must provide equal educational facilities for Blacks within its boundaries. Lloyd Gaines, the plaintiff in the case, disappeared after the decision and was never located.

8. In 1961,  More than seven hundred demonstrators, including Martin Luther King Jr., arrested in Albany, Ga., in five mass marches on city hall to protest segregation. Arrests triggered militant Albany movement.

9. In 1963,  Kenya proclaimed independent.

10. In 1963,  Medgar Wiley Evers awarded Spingarn Medal posthumously for his civil rights leadership.

11. In 1975,  The National Association of Black Journalists 3000 members strong with 74 affiliated professional chapters and 51 student chapters, is the largest media organization for people of color in the world. Founded December 12, 1975, our mission is to strengthen ties among African-American journalists, promote diversity in…

12. In 1995,  Willie Brown defeats incumbent mayor Frank Jordan to become 1st African American mayor of San Francisco

13. In 1996,  Kofi Annan, longtime diplomat from Ghaha, name secretary general for the UN

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