Nothing will motivate a man to move forward faster than knowing what's behind Him.

1. In 1846,  N. Rillieux Received Patent for Sugar refiner (evaporating pan)  which revolutionizes the sugar industry.

2. In 1854,   Edwin C. Berry was born on this day in Oberlin, Ohio. He errected a 22-room hotel, Hotel Berry, in Athens, Ohio; at the time of his retirement in 1921, he had a reputation as the most successful black small-city hotel operator in the U.S.(1892).

3. In 1864,  Mixed cavalry force, including Fifth and Sixth Colored Cavalry regiments, invaded southwest Virginia and destroyed salt mines at Saltville. Sixth Cavalry was especially brilliant in an engagement near Marion, Virginia.

4. In 1872,  L. Bell received Patent for Dough kneader

5. In 1878,  O. Dorsey received Patent for Door-Holding Device

6. In 1895,   J. B. Allen received Patent for Clothes line support

7. In 1950,  Ralph J Bunche becomes the first african american awarded a Nobel Peace Prize

8. In 1964,  Martin Luther King Jr. wins Nobel Peace Prize at ceremonies in Oslo, Norway. He was the third Black and the youngest person to receive the award.

9. In 1965,  Sugar Ray Robinson permanently retired from boxing on this day with six victories in title bouts to his credit — more than any other fighter in history.

10. In 1967,   A plane carrying Otis Redding to a concert date in Wisconsin crashed in Lake Monoma.

11. In 1982,   Pamela McAllister Johnson became the first Black woman publisher of a mainstream paper, the Ithaca Journal.

12. In 2009,   President Barack Obama accepts the Nobel Peace Prize in Norway.

13. In 2015, President Obama Signed the Every Student Succeeds Act.

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