Nothing will motivate a man to move forward faster than knowing what's behind Him.

1. Dominique Dawes, Three-time Olympic gymnast,  Won Olympic gold medal and two bronze medal. She also won more national titles than any other gymnast-male or female.

Edmond Dédé,  was a free-born Creole musician and composer. He moved to Europe to study in Paris in 1857 and settled in France. His compositions include Quasimodo SymphonyLe Palmier OvertureLe Sermente de L’Arabe and Patriotisme. He served for 27 years as the conductor of the orchestra at the Théatre l’Alcazar in Paris.  NOTE: some records indicate DeDe was born on April 23, 1829, others show he was born November 20, 1927, neither of which take away from his accomplishments.   All records show however, that he passed away in 1929.

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