Nothing will motivate a man to move forward faster than knowing what's behind Him.

   Every year we see the same thing, marching, speaking, speeches and mostly the same faces at the podium saying the same thing  year after year .   Marching and speaking is what we had to do to get here, Well, besides the lynchings, dog bites and water hoses. This is a Holiday and yet the only ones doing any traveling are the ones getting paid to do speeches.

   Let’s celebrate on Kings holiday, It’s our holiday and let’s celebrate the way only we know how.   It is a three day weekend, surely we can think of a creative way to celebrate this great holiday besides going to a auditorium setting hour after hour hearing the same speeches year after year.   I think it time for us to stop marching on MLK Day and have a big parade, floats, bands, Steppers and the whole works as we know it.

  Maybe its because Black History is my passion.   I would just like to take time out on this MLK three day Holiday to celebrate our accomplishments.   There comes a time at the end of a trip, when one need to stop talking about how you made the trip and get on with why you made the trip.

But until then, this is how I plan to celebrate The King Holiday:

I will, first of all, give Props to all the civil rights leaders that helped get us this far.

Then I’ll  give props those who continue the struggle.

Make a donation to the United Negro College Fund, or any NPO that supports our community.

Spend one of those three days (Saturday)  with my family (Park, Aquarium, Zoo, Game, Movie,  Bar B Q,)

We all know what we do on Sunday…..

Monday will be spent Reaching out to family members near and far, either in person or by phone.  

Everyday as I look back into Black History,  I have a clear view of where we go from here.

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