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When are We Going to Start “Celebrating” The King Holiday?

   Every year we see the same thing, marching, speaking, speeches and mostly the same faces at the podium saying the same thing  year after year .   Marching and speaking is what we had to do to get here, Well, besides the lynchings, dog bites and water hoses. This is a Holiday and yet the only ones doing any traveling are the ones getting paid to do speeches.

   Let’s celebrate on Kings holiday, It’s our holiday and let’s celebrate the way only we know how.   It is a three day weekend, surely we can think of a creative way to celebrate this great holiday besides going to a auditorium setting hour after hour hearing the same speeches year after year.   I think it time for us to stop marching on MLK Day and have a big parade, floats, bands, Steppers and the whole works as we know it.

  Maybe its because Black History is my passion.   I would just like to take time out on this MLK three day Holiday to celebrate our accomplishments.   There comes a time at the end of a trip, when one need to stop talking about how you made the trip and get on with why you made the trip.

But until then, this is how I plan to celebrate The King Holiday:

I will, first of all, give Props to all the civil rights leaders that helped get us this far.

Then I’ll  give props those who continue the struggle.

Make a donation to the United Negro College Fund, or any NPO that supports our community.

Spend one of those three days (Saturday)  with my family (Park, Aquarium, Zoo, Game, Movie,  Bar B Q,)

We all know what we do on Sunday…..

Monday will be spent Reaching out to family members near and far, either in person or by phone.  

Everyday as I look back into Black History,  I have a clear view of where we go from here.

My Thought For Today

Why do women always make it a point to let men know what they don’t want as opposed to flat out telling them what they want?    We are not that smart when it comes to women.  We can’t tell from what you don’t like, figure out what you do like.   AND, No we don’t have telepathy, can’t read your mind, and if we could, you change it some many times we wouldn’t be able to keep up.   So Ladies, for us men, KISS i.e. Keep it simple Sisters.

While I was on the Treadmill Dec 10, 2009

I attempted to think through the concept of being real and keeping it real.   Doing so, I asked the question “what would it be like being real?”  There would be nothing fake, everything would have to be real.   Then I suddenly realized that we wouldn’t know our friends, boyfriends, girlfriends, husband, wife, and would barely recognize our own relatives.   Keeping it real would even be harder because the temptation would be there everyday.     I went on to think that it would take aliens from outa space with some sort of keep-it-real ray gun to actually pull it off.   Just ZAP!! and all of a sudden we were all real.   That’s right, from your head to your toe, there’s no hair that you didn’t grow.  from your lips to your hips there wasn’t a doctor you made a trip.  From the glow of your skin to the color of your hair, there was no chemicals as you sat in the chair.   Keeping it real, keeping it real, oh don’t get me started on that purple pill.   So you want to be real and keep it real and think everything is going to be alright, well when you were Zapped, every lie you ever told has came to light.  Now do you want to keep it real?  

You Have Got To Be Kidding Me

Those of you who solicit for a living my heart goes out to you.  BUT!, I am paying for cell phone  service for my benefit.  Every time this service is activated by your call, it cost me money.  Now if it was a free service, I would have to just put up with the advertising, sort of like free TV use to be.    Anyway, so much for the good old days, this is a new day and some new standards need to be put into play.  First of all, calling my cell phone trying to pitch your product is not going to get me to bite.   In fact, I would be interested in all the products you are trying to hock and make it a point not to purchase any of them now or in the future.   My cell phone is not a platform for you to do business, and I’ll not allow it.   To give you an example, my newspaper company contracted a company to get new subscriptions.  This company called me (while I was having supper) and wanted to know if I wanted to get the newspaper.   I said that I already get the newspaper and I thanked him for calling and I went back to my supper.   The next morning I called up the newspaper and canceled my subscription.   My insurance company called me up and wanted to hock more insurance on me.  I said sure I’ll be in at 3:00pm the next day.  Well bright and early the next day, I went ins shopping.  Saved 25% too.   I was at my former ins office at 3:00 sharp.  Went in and had a seat,  The agent said that he was glad that I could make it.  I said that I didn’t think so.  You see sir, when you called me I was busy.  You were so concerned about making money that you didn’t realize that you could lose money.  How’s that he said.  I stood up and said, I canceling all my ins policies with you.  Put it in the paper, magazines or on TV, you will not get my money by calling me.

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