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There is such an industry around Cancer.   The infrastructure around finding a cure for cancer is so huge, I have to wonder if there ever were a cure would this cure ever be revealed.  Think about all the special doctors, radiologist, chemotherapist  and non-profit organizations, government grants awarded to find a cure,  that wood no longer be needed in that capacity.  

There is so much that is blamed on  causing cancer there is no wonder there is no cure found.   for instance, smoking.   In the scientific community the only way a cause is confirmed is that it would have to be 100% in every case.   However, with smoking you only have to have 10 to die of cancer to confirm and only that “Smoking may cause cancer”  that to me is suspect in itself.  These finding in any other study would be found inconclusive.   You have 70 and 80 year old men and women that are still smoking today that’s been smoking since they were teenagers.   Don’t get me started on second hand smoke.   While the smoke can/is fowl to some, to say it causes cancer in the second hand and not the first hand would be hard to believe.

I quit smoking, not because I was afraid of cancer, but because by not smoking it gave me endurance in activities that seem to be diminishing in my old age.   And no, You are not going to be told that you can improve your sex life by not smoking because money can’t be made by telling you to stop smoking.  Instead, they would rather you buy a purple pill.   That’s right, have you wondered why all of a sudden there are several pills on the market for erectile dysfunction.  Back in the day it was called impotent.  Fellas, if it won’t get up, you don’t have an erectile dysfunction, you are impotent.   Get your health in order before you take that pill.   High blood pressure can cause impotence and overweight causes high blood pressure and there is a vast array of causes for being overweight.   from over eating,  Fast food,  soft drinks,  Junk food and let’s not forget stress causes you to over eat.

Think about the vast infrastructure around the Fast food industry alone(McDonald’s, Burger King…., not to mention the soft drink (Pepsi and Coke…..), Junk food and the vast assortment of chips, cookies, pastries and donuts.  I hope by now you get the picture. 

All you have to do is look at how big an industry is to figure out that if they were causing a malfunction in society, would it be brought to light, or would it be covered up.   And, if a industry such as “Finding a cure for cancer” is to big to succeed.         

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