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Here We Go Again

These people just don’t get it.  Guess I’m on
some kind of computer mailing list that the owners don’t want to clean up. 
Time after time I respond to these individuals telling them why there is no way
in hell I’d ever do business with them or any one affiliated with
them.   But they still send me those mailers wanting me to join/sign
up to be a member.   
Let me explain why if feel the way I
do.   A few years ago I was rear-ended.  open and shut case
right, wrong.   This company sent out an idiot claim adjuster that had
to come out three times to get it right.  frustration.   When he
finally got it right, I received a letter saying that they have to investigate
to see if they are liable.   Then later I recieved a letter saying
that they would "get this" be glad to process my claim if I would sign power of
attorney over to them.   When they realized that wasn’t going to
happen they sent a paper for me to sign and that the check would be in the
mail and soon as they get it back.   I obtained a lawyer and it seems
promising until about a week.  That’s when the lawyer seemed to be working
for the Insurance company.   I had to get the State Attorney
General involved to get my truck fixed.   The trailer that I was
pulling got totaled, they haven’t paid for it yet, time ran out, yes the three
years ran out, guess they figured that or I’d die.   Which is why I
think it odd for a company to take advange of old folks, getting them to send in
payments every month and then when they file a claim, stall, shuck and jive
while they wait until they die.
So!!!,  AARP, thanks but no thank, don’t care
what kind of plan you have.   As long as you are affiliated with The
Harford Insurance, Johnny Moore will never be a member.  
and…..Lynne Anderson, so called claim specialist
at The Hartford in Atlanta, I’m still alive and kickin’  hope you are in
good health.

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