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My Resolution for The New Year 2010

Well, I use to weight over 300lbs, would tell you the exact weight but my digital scale only went up to 300.  I got a lot of EER’s when I first started.  anyway, I use to smoke,  I use to eat junk food, I use to drink soft drinks,  I use to eat Fast Food.  I use to have high blood pressure, I use to be a borderline diabetic, all these were resolutions for 2009 and finally after several false starts, I got on the right track and now here I am, ready to go into the next new year.  For 2010 I resolve to keep my goals in sight and keep my head screwed on tight.

Did You Know?

Robert Brown Elliott (1842-1884) was an African American member of the United States House of Representatives from South Carolina.

Born in Liverpool, England to West Indian immigrants, he graduated from Eton College in 1859, and served in the British Royal Navy. He moved to South Carolina in 1867 and established a law practice. Elliott helped organize the local Republican Party and served in the state constitutional convention. In 1868 he was elected to the South Carolina House of Representatives. The next year he was appointed assistant adjutant-general; he was the first African American commanding general of the

South Carolina National Guard. As part of his job, he helped form a state militia to fight the Ku Klux Klan.

Elliott was elected as a Republican to the Forty-second and Forty-third United States Congress. He "delivered a celebrated speech" in favor of the Civil Rights Act of 1875  He resigned on November 1, 1874, to fight political corruption in South Carolina. He served again in the South Carolina House of Representatives, where he was elected as Speaker of the House.

He ran unsuccessfully for South Carolina Attorney General in 1876. Reconstruction ended that year and he was forced out of office. He set up a private law practice in New Orleans.

What are the Signs and Red Flags Of Cheating

I would like to know from men and women what are the signs and red flags that we should be aware of that would indicate that your significant other/spouse is cheating.   Please respond to my inbox.  Thanks.

What!!!, No public Option

Mr. President, when I came to WA state, auto insurance was cheap. Being from NC, it was natural to have auto ins so sure I got it on my vehicle.   A few years later laws were introduced to make it mandatory.  I thought it was already mandatory.   6 months after the law went into effect my premiums almost doubled.  No accidents, no tickets, just the law saying that I had to have ins and I couldn’t do anything about the rates.  Is your mandatory health care  plan going to work out like this?   Mandatory health care with no public option is playing right into the ins co hand. 

Just A Thought

There is such an industry around Cancer.   The infrastructure around finding a cure for cancer is so huge, I have to wonder if there ever were a cure would this cure ever be revealed.  Think about all the special doctors, radiologist, chemotherapist  and non-profit organizations, government grants awarded to find a cure,  that wood no longer be needed in that capacity.  

There is so much that is blamed on  causing cancer there is no wonder there is no cure found.   for instance, smoking.   In the scientific community the only way a cause is confirmed is that it would have to be 100% in every case.   However, with smoking you only have to have 10 to die of cancer to confirm and only that “Smoking may cause cancer”  that to me is suspect in itself.  These finding in any other study would be found inconclusive.   You have 70 and 80 year old men and women that are still smoking today that’s been smoking since they were teenagers.   Don’t get me started on second hand smoke.   While the smoke can/is fowl to some, to say it causes cancer in the second hand and not the first hand would be hard to believe.

I quit smoking, not because I was afraid of cancer, but because by not smoking it gave me endurance in activities that seem to be diminishing in my old age.   And no, You are not going to be told that you can improve your sex life by not smoking because money can’t be made by telling you to stop smoking.  Instead, they would rather you buy a purple pill.   That’s right, have you wondered why all of a sudden there are several pills on the market for erectile dysfunction.  Back in the day it was called impotent.  Fellas, if it won’t get up, you don’t have an erectile dysfunction, you are impotent.   Get your health in order before you take that pill.   High blood pressure can cause impotence and overweight causes high blood pressure and there is a vast array of causes for being overweight.   from over eating,  Fast food,  soft drinks,  Junk food and let’s not forget stress causes you to over eat.

Think about the vast infrastructure around the Fast food industry alone(McDonald’s, Burger King…., not to mention the soft drink (Pepsi and Coke…..), Junk food and the vast assortment of chips, cookies, pastries and donuts.  I hope by now you get the picture. 

All you have to do is look at how big an industry is to figure out that if they were causing a malfunction in society, would it be brought to light, or would it be covered up.   And, if a industry such as “Finding a cure for cancer” is to big to succeed.         

The Gig is on…

I would like to wish my Facebook Family a
Merry Christmas and a Happy, Happy New Year.   If we learned anything
from last year it was:
1.  Don’t put much stake in Rebates, 
Purchasing items and expecting a rebate is not worth the
headache.  last year, several million dollars in rebates went unpaid,
they were claimed but was not paid.  Most but not all were in electronics
such as computers, cameras, GPS, flat screens and cell phones. 
2.  If you want to buy some one a gift, buy
them a gift,  don’t buy a gift card.  How thoughtless can you be to
buy a gift card?   Do you not know that person well enough to buy them
a real gift.  Last year there were many stores that went out of business
after selling millions in gift cards leaving card holders out in the
cold.   If you care about the person, buy them a real
gift.  If you don’t know what they want, awh hell, just ask
So friends, Don’t get caught up…..The Gig is

Here We Go Again

These people just don’t get it.  Guess I’m on
some kind of computer mailing list that the owners don’t want to clean up. 
Time after time I respond to these individuals telling them why there is no way
in hell I’d ever do business with them or any one affiliated with
them.   But they still send me those mailers wanting me to join/sign
up to be a member.   
Let me explain why if feel the way I
do.   A few years ago I was rear-ended.  open and shut case
right, wrong.   This company sent out an idiot claim adjuster that had
to come out three times to get it right.  frustration.   When he
finally got it right, I received a letter saying that they have to investigate
to see if they are liable.   Then later I recieved a letter saying
that they would "get this" be glad to process my claim if I would sign power of
attorney over to them.   When they realized that wasn’t going to
happen they sent a paper for me to sign and that the check would be in the
mail and soon as they get it back.   I obtained a lawyer and it seems
promising until about a week.  That’s when the lawyer seemed to be working
for the Insurance company.   I had to get the State Attorney
General involved to get my truck fixed.   The trailer that I was
pulling got totaled, they haven’t paid for it yet, time ran out, yes the three
years ran out, guess they figured that or I’d die.   Which is why I
think it odd for a company to take advange of old folks, getting them to send in
payments every month and then when they file a claim, stall, shuck and jive
while they wait until they die.
So!!!,  AARP, thanks but no thank, don’t care
what kind of plan you have.   As long as you are affiliated with The
Harford Insurance, Johnny Moore will never be a member.  
and…..Lynne Anderson, so called claim specialist
at The Hartford in Atlanta, I’m still alive and kickin’  hope you are in
good health.

Barack Obama and the First Family

Barack Obama And the 1st Family

Well, it’s on

Some 20,000 cops are expected to turn out at the Tacoma Dome for the memorial for the four slain Police Officers.  The Dome capacity is only 18,000.  It is asked that if you don’t have a badge or not a relative of the officers to stay away.   There will be a ten mile procession from the North gate of McCord Airforce Base meandering through South Tacoma, ending up at the Tacoma Dome.  There will be snipers on the lookout atop the Dome as well as throughout the procession route.   The Processing will start at 10:00 and the memorial will start at 1:00pm.   I suspect at least all the local channels will preempt regular programming to cover this "Event".

My New Years Resolution for 2010

  1. I am going to continue not to smoke
  2. I’ am going to continue the ban on Junk Food
  3. I am going to continue the ban on Fast Food
  4. I am going to continue the ban on Soft Drinks
  5. Sorry folks, can’t cut out my Soul Food, From the south and gotta have it.  But I will cut out seconds.  That will be on Jan. 2nd for this to go into effect. 
  6. I’m adopting a more realistic goal of losing 10lbs a month.  

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