Nothing will motivate a man to move forward faster than knowing what's behind Him.

On Keeping It Real

Keeping it real would be foreign to someone who is an alien to reality.   one’s reality could be someone else’s fantasy and vise-versa.   Some people are habitual liars, others will lie when ever they feel its necessary  for them to achieve their goal.   Even if the truth hurts, one can get over it.   A Lie on the other hand is much harder to reconcile.   Only 10% of your entire make up  of friends keep it real 90% of the time, 60% keep it real 30% of the time and 30% couldn’t keep it real even if they were under oath. 

NOW,  Let’s see what keeping it real….really entail.   Is there anything, anything at all that you are keeping from your love one.  Think about it now.  I’m sure that some of you don’t have to think to hard.  How would that person feel if you “Keep It Real”?   I Pronounce that on this day September 18, 2009 that December 1, 2009 to be KEEP IT REAL Day.   On this day you will go to your Love Ones and Friends and “KEEP IT REAL”.   Yes, that’s right, if you have lied, deceived or misled anyone that you consider your Family or friend, you will go to them and first “GET REAL”.  Then and only then will you have the opportunity to actually “KEEP IT REAL”.  

Caution: Christmas is Dec. 25 so you might want to put off keeping it real until after Jan 1.  

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