Nothing will motivate a man to move forward faster than knowing what's behind Him.

To Be A Winner

If all around you are quitting, as they sometimes
If your critics are many and friends are few
If obstacles confront you
at every turn
Remember the lessons that Winners learned….
To stop and quit you will never win
Until you
decide to try it again
When life’s little hurdles slow you down
steady your pace and hold you ground
Hold fast to your dreams, as they can come
When you do the best that you can possibly do
To win you must believe
that you will not fail
Perseverance is the breeze that fills your
Although the unexpected may rock your
Winners will weather the storm remaining afloat
Conceive it, believe
it, and know that you can
Continue step by step according to
Stand up and be counted so that the world will
That you believe in becoming the best you can be
Accept the challenges
of life and you’ll continue to find
That winning is the spirit of
….it’s merely a state of mind

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