Nothing will motivate a man to move forward faster than knowing what's behind Him.

Dear Mr. President


Congratulations on Your/OUR  election.  At the age of 54 on election night, I didn’t believe I’d live to see the day, and a great day for America it was.  

You inspired old and young to come out and vote.  You brought out voters who had given up on politics.   You brought out the Young  who thought politics was just another racket.   Your campaign speeches inspired us all, even some Republicans to switch.  I was really impressed when Colin Powel endorsed you.

It disturbs me and my friends when it seems that you are adopting more and more of the Bush policies.    I have to wonder what other voters are going to do in the 2012 election.   They may pick the lesser of two evils or  retreat back into their anti political mode.   It will be hard to get voters to listen when campaign promises have been broken.

At this time you have the Majority of Americans behind you.   We Support you,  We need you to keep you campaign promises.    If you do that, We will support you no matter what happens.   Because we will trust you to do what you say.  

We’ve tried trickle-down economics and it hasn’t worked.  There is no reason to think that embracing trickle down economics on any level would yield any degree of success.   I believe that’s the reason we are in this situation.  To build any structure, one must begin with a strong foundation. All foundations begin at the bottom.  Houses, bridges,  buildings and even piers must be built on a strong foundation starting from the bottom.   Sometimes you will have to dig deep to find solid ground and sometimes you will even have to go down until you hit bedrock.   Even if what you build will have to be restructured, you will be able to go back and start from a strong foundation if necessary.  

Bailing out the banks, left the success of the bailout in the hands of the individuals who facilitated  their situation.  Loaning, giving, throwing and pouring more money at the top didn’t work.  Yes, we thought it would free up capital and loans would be made.   It didn’t.    I thought that it would have been a better plan for (Government/Federal) to loan the home owners the money to pay off their mortgages.   By doing this, I believe the Gov/Fed would get paid back, the banks would get paid (and left to their own devices, regulations TBA later) and homeowners would stay in their homes.   

I think that any foundation must be built one step at a time.   A well thought out plan trumps after thoughts such as shuda-cudda-wudda.  The American people need jobs, I think your infrastructure plan will facilitate this.   What I don’t understand is why couldn’t it have been in a bill in and of itself.  I think  there should be a highway bill to include roads, streets,  and bridges.   Off the top of my head (where there’s no hair) I could see for instance a power infrastructure bill that would include shoring up and revamping the power grid, and an internet bill that would install lines which could include wireless internet in some areas.  I think that raising or lowering taxes should not be in this bill. It too, should be a bill in and of itself.  And, Please,  Do not consider corporate tax brakes,  If corporate tax brakes create jobs, then where are the jobs now?   You mentioned in your campaign what is said about some one who does the same thing over and over and expect a different outcome.   Please roll back the Bush corporate tax cuts, or at least let the cuts expire. That’s What I Think.

Passing a bill without a Public Option will embold insurance companies.  Premiums will  be raised, coverage will be lower  and  claim denials will sky rocket.    Insurance is worthless as it stands now, nothing more that a false sense of security.  I will be listening on Wednesday, September 9th and will decide then if I should prepare to join the millions without any insurance at all.    There will be no reform without a public option.

Thank You Mr. President "for winning and listening"

Johnny B. Moore

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