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New Group For My Weight Loss Progress


I originally said that I was going to post my weight loss progress on my wall. After chatting with several of my friends I decided to create a group.  This group is called (Yes We Can…Lose Weight) if you are interested, you are welcome to join and if you have a weight loss thing going,  keep everyone posted as to your progress also.   Come on over, I need your support.  

Good Night FaB Fam

Our Father, who art in heaven,
hallowed be thy name

Thy Kingdom come,
thy will be done,
on earth as it is in heaven.

Give us this day our daily bread.

Forgive us our trespasses,
as we forgive those who trespass against us.

And lead us not into temptation,
but deliver us from evil.

For thine is the kingdom,
and the power, and the glory,
for ever.


Workout Music

This is the music I work out to:

  • Boogaloo Down Broadway  Fantastic Johnny C
  • Outta Space   Billy Preston
  • Boogie Oogie Oogie    A Taste Of Honey
  • Dazz   Brick
  • Let It Whip  The Dazz Band
  • Double Dutch Bus  Frankie Smith
  • Shame   Evelyn Champagne King
  • For Get Me Nots  Patrice Rushen
  • Get Off   Foxy
  • One Nation Under A Groove  George Clinton
  • Mr. Big Stuff   Jean Knight
  • Pick Up The Pieces   AWB
  • You And I  Rick James
  • Right Back Where I Started From  Maxine Nightingale
  • Talking Loud And Saying Nothing  James Brown
  • Disco Inferno  The Tramps

I never saw anyone have a heart attack on a disco floor,  must have been getting enough exercise.   Let me see, eat what you want, Jam from 10pm til 2am Fri. and Sat.  I wonder what the heart disease and hypertension rate was among blacks during the disco age.  One thing for sure,  healthy people do not benefit the big drug industry.

weight Loss Update

I started using the treadmill back on may 14.  I quit smoking September 6.  I will be posting before and after pics on Oct 1st.  That will be on a Thursday morning 9am pacific/12noon est.   If you don’t know if you should stop smoking or get in shape, you need to check out these photos.   BTW, the tux I’m wearing in my profile pic is a 56 in the waist.  only been used twice any takers.  I’m a 44 now (Goal is 38 or 36), couldn’t believe I was that HUGE.  

Since I quit smoking, I have better endurance and can burn more calories.    Also, no fast food has worked out well, as those 1500 calories I don’t have to worry about.   Did I mention a pack a day @ 6.49/pack = $194.70 a month.   Surprisingly, no fast food , soft drinks and no smoking ads up to a healthy chunk-a-change. 

Johnny’s Baked Biscuits


Johnny’s  Baked Biscuits



    Self-rising Flour        5 1/2 Cups
    Milk                         3 Cups   
    Shortening               2 Tblspn

Step 1. Mix well, until dough no longer sticks to side of bowl.  If using a mixer with dough tines, you may need to assist mixing with a rubber tipped icing spreader. 

Step 2. Spread a thin coat of flour on counter top and empty dough onto counter top

Step 3 kneed until it is in a neat ball.

Step 4. Roll out, not to thin, not less than a 1/4 in and not more that a 1/2 in.  thick

Step 5. Use 3in cutter and cut out as many as you can.   

Step 6. Place biscuits into pan

Step 7.  Repeat Steps  2-6 until no dough is left unless you would like to make a flat cake

Step 8.  Preheat oven to 375 degrees

Step 9.  Bake for 22 Minutes or until brown

Makes approx. 30 biscuits.

Caution:  although there has been no scientific study  to verify but,  it is said that these biscuits, if cut open while still hot and  butter is applied before eating,  may  cause an addiction, and excessive consumption may cause weight gain. 

Johnny  will  be held blameless for any fights that may arise over  the last biscuit, excessive weight gain or addictions that may arise from this recipe.


On Keeping It Real

Keeping it real would be foreign to someone who is an alien to reality.   one’s reality could be someone else’s fantasy and vise-versa.   Some people are habitual liars, others will lie when ever they feel its necessary  for them to achieve their goal.   Even if the truth hurts, one can get over it.   A Lie on the other hand is much harder to reconcile.   Only 10% of your entire make up  of friends keep it real 90% of the time, 60% keep it real 30% of the time and 30% couldn’t keep it real even if they were under oath. 

NOW,  Let’s see what keeping it real….really entail.   Is there anything, anything at all that you are keeping from your love one.  Think about it now.  I’m sure that some of you don’t have to think to hard.  How would that person feel if you “Keep It Real”?   I Pronounce that on this day September 18, 2009 that December 1, 2009 to be KEEP IT REAL Day.   On this day you will go to your Love Ones and Friends and “KEEP IT REAL”.   Yes, that’s right, if you have lied, deceived or misled anyone that you consider your Family or friend, you will go to them and first “GET REAL”.  Then and only then will you have the opportunity to actually “KEEP IT REAL”.  

Caution: Christmas is Dec. 25 so you might want to put off keeping it real until after Jan 1.  

What a Blessing

You were blessed the day you were born, the fact that you were even born is a blessing.   Every day you wake up and start a new day is a blessing.   With every success, you remind yourself and others that you are blessed.    There is an even Greater blessing waiting for you.  A blessing of such magnitude that it’s  beyond you imagination.   Are you ready for this blessing?  HE will not put anything on you that you can’t bare.   When you are blessed in such a way, you will not say “I’ve been Blessed” but instead say “Thank You Jesus”.  

Question for The Ladies

I am 55yrs old, maybe to late to ask this question now, but I need to know.  Please consider that your answer may help some young man that’s just as confused as I am.  AND, that same young man may someday consider a relationship with You, Your daughter or your Sister.  Every since I was 16 I’ve heard the statement “Be A Man”.  My question to you is…..”What is being a Man?” AND, what is the difference in “being a man” and “being a real man”.   As I am already confused about the difference between those two, I’m not even going to mention “A Good Man”.   Your Serious answer will be greatly appreciated by all young men.

All Up In Your Face

I’ve noticed that since I’ve quit smoking, people don’t mine getting all up in your grill.   I had to start stiff arming those mugs.   I guess if I don’t smell like cigs and my breath don’t smell like cig-butts they feel it’s alright to get all up on me.    I’m not use to that, guess I’ve been smoking to long.   Didn’t think things would change that quick since every day is a struggle.   Just another Issue I’ll have to deal with.  Y’all pray for me, I really need it right now. 

To Be A Winner

If all around you are quitting, as they sometimes
If your critics are many and friends are few
If obstacles confront you
at every turn
Remember the lessons that Winners learned….
To stop and quit you will never win
Until you
decide to try it again
When life’s little hurdles slow you down
steady your pace and hold you ground
Hold fast to your dreams, as they can come
When you do the best that you can possibly do
To win you must believe
that you will not fail
Perseverance is the breeze that fills your
Although the unexpected may rock your
Winners will weather the storm remaining afloat
Conceive it, believe
it, and know that you can
Continue step by step according to
Stand up and be counted so that the world will
That you believe in becoming the best you can be
Accept the challenges
of life and you’ll continue to find
That winning is the spirit of
….it’s merely a state of mind

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