Nothing will motivate a man to move forward faster than knowing what's behind Him.

Think No longer that you are in command here, but rather think. How, when you were, you served your own destruction.  Welcome brothers and sisters………………………….

Though he has watched a decent age pass by, a man will  sometimes still desire the world, I declare, I see no wisdom in that man.  The endless hours pile up a drift of pain more unrelieved each day.  And as for pleasure,  when he’s got to be an old man, you’ll not see his pleasure anywhere.  Not to be born surpasses all philosophy, the second best is to have seen the light and go back quickly from which we came, the feathery follies of his youth once over. what trouble is beyond the range of man, what heavy burdens would he not endure, jealousy, faction,  quarreling and battle, are we talking about the bloodiness of war, the grief of war,  and then he comes to a strength less age,  abhorred by all men, unfriended, without company, in that uttermost twilight. where he must live with every bitter thing.   now this is the truth my friend………………………….

Now Let the weeping cease.

I watched it on PBS in 1985, as I watch in now, I see it in a different perspective.

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